Unusual Istanbul. Bench-book

Very cool idea and steep its implementation!

Benches, made in the form of huge books opened on the most interesting place. Want – just sit down, want – read works of Turkish classical and well-known poets, want – shoot and tell about them.

It is impossible to ignore or pass by!

In General, all those who arrive in Istanbul, note the incredible contrast of the city, an incredible number of historical monuments, the grandeur of the most famous mosques, the ability to sell everything and everywhere, … the list goes on.

But it is necessary to note one more feature of this giant metropolis – a great well thought-out infrastructure, successful “vpisyvalas” modernity among the historical objects, organization of transport and all the activities of the city authorities.

To be fair, in this city there is something to learn from our actions, governors and all who are more accustomed to complaining about the lack of money than to do in their cities so that tourists could make the report even on conventional benches.

Bench-book in Istanbul

These are usual and unusual benches in Istanbul caught my attention and served as an indicator of how simple and very cool implemented on the one hand to make it interesting, useful and unforgettable ordinary object of urban infrastructure, and to instill a love of reading, to remind the people about their culture, writers, poets and their great works.

They are located in different places of Istanbul – at stops of public transport, parks, embankments of the Bosphorus and just on the streets.

Each bench – book one of the famous in Turkey writers or poets. Open it is “accidentally” the most interesting place is the most famous in the country quote and poem.

Search the Internet says that such benches only 18, but, even according to my observations, there are many more.

I think you mean 18 different books, which served as the prototype of these benches.

Unfortunately, 4 days for Istanbul is too small, therefore, to take a series of photos of benches from different places it just once.

But it is a hint themes for interesting story to someone who is going to Istanbul)

On the pages of some of these stone books of verses about the city, on the other – the anthem Turkey.

And in some cities at the bus stops are even real bookshelves can take to read a book in the way. And then back on the shelf at the stop where you go.

So everything is simple and so brilliant.

By the way, the interweaving history and modern times. The mosque, the traffic flow, tram and … books.

Organically and somehow … right, or something.

The book, which you see in the photo, the “open” at the tram stop Eminonu.

This line of the poem “I listen to Istanbul famous Turkish poet Orhan Veli Kanika.

And what words! After reading them now, during the preparation of the post, I could not help seeing all the emotions and impressions from visiting this magnificent city.

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