Sunday coffee and a newspaper

Coffee news continue to spin around the theme of elephants in coffee production. And for me the best news is that the first snow, beautiful, winter days. After walking really want to warm Cup of drink.

I close my eyes on information from psychologists, University of Durban city that coffee lovers are more prone to hallucinations than those who exactly breathe to this magic drink. But there is “no”, it refers to people, drinking more than 7 cups of coffee a day. They are subject to the vision of a non-existent in reality things, hearing voices, and the feeling of swimming over his body.


Why not to overplay the results in its favour, and hallucinations replace fantasies, and best of all – dreams. And for inspiration, I’d like to recommend a book by max Frei “Coffee book”. Sure to give it to the New year. So many intriguing reviews and quotes I read that you want to share some of them. For example, the description of different types of coffee:

Recipe of the week

This work of art comprising not only the vision of the author of specific topics, passed in unusual, mysterious and magical images, but very real, opinion, recipes coffee in filigree description master of words.

Comments from readers:

“This is a book that celebrates the ritual of coffee – but it is not him. This is a book that causes the desire to escape to the kitchen and cook real coffee – but the stories are about drinks, but about people.

Strong coffee, spicy spices, nutmeg – think it lies next to you on the arm of the chair, right in the place that closes the book in your hands. Take her to see, and I see that beside you was perched winds late spring. Just one that remains in the soul after reading.

This mood and style. This ritual. It is smell the coffee.”

“The essence of love for coffee.

Coffee is life, love, dreams, melancholy, passion and death in one Cup.

Someday I will gather and cook coffee for all these recipes here. obyazatelnogo to be”

“This book will appeal to all for whom coffee is little more than a brown liquid, invigorating body.

And yet the book liked the fact that it leaves the feeling of a miracle, magic and belief in the best. No, there is no runs with air wand and not shouting all sorts of nonsense. There’s magic is commonplace)) And sometimes so much want magic came immediately after a Cup of coffee drinking…”

It’s time to read, wrapped in a warm, fluffy blanket with a “tasty” book and aromatic coffee. Winter this has.


And in order coffee longer kept the heat there’s a special coffee heater. Shaped like an Apple product, or a cunning piece of Arsenal Harry Potter. This device quickly heats the drink to the optimal temperature.

Coffee and books for many centuries go side-by-side with each other. In Kiev there is a book shop “ABC”. On the shelves of books that you can freely take and read. Each of them is worth the price. If the story were interested in, and pay thy book. You can also leave or trade book. Bookcrossing in the “ABC” never stops.


“If you are educated, you should not be proud of it. No matter how much you read books and no matter how much you have learned, there will always be someone who never read anything and knows two times more than you…”

I think that the person reading the good, the true, proper Books, without any snobbery will agree with this idea…


Coffee fairy brown leg

churned me cream.

Sad little bit:

I love the heat, but not this cold.

Oh, snow and Blizzard…In the coffee drip tears.

A hot Cup of warm little

The cold fairy magic baby.

Do not be sad! Time to Wake up!

Priding me a Cup ,

Ah, the smell flowing!

Pie with cardamom and coffee, ginger,

And immediately cheerful,calm and strong.

Coffee fairy, let me hand

Will warm the cold little nose and legs.

Coffee humor

– Waiter! In my Cup crack!

“You see what we have a strong coffee!


Me in comments to the previous post wrote that the newspaper’s time to replace the tablet and then everything will be perfect. Actually, this had led to the topic of books. I’m not against the tablet, but one should not replace the other. The rustle of pages turning, printed smell of letters, warm paper texture – nothing can replace the pleasure of reading the book (even as I don’t want to clarify that “on paper”).

And such a charming bulbs on the Christmas tree from the tablet, exactly, not to build.)

Here’s what is now my dream!)) Let our dreams come true in the most beautiful views!

Sunday coffee and a newspaper
Coffee news continue to spin around the theme of elephants in coffee production. And for me the best news is that the first snow, beautiful, winter days. After walking really…


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