These days, many people want to buy old books. Why old books only getting more expensive?

Volumes with luxurious covers and dusty pages of interest not only to professionals, but also for ordinary people.

Old books is a profitable investment of capital, they are like any other Antiques, always highly valued. For how much you are offered to buy books, twenty, thirty years, their price will grow on average by 30-50%.

Buy antique books in the store

Who are these books brings what the public?

Well, it is impossible to give some General portrait. The most pleasant to deal with his brother-speculator or, beautifully put, a dealer. A person understands that he brought himself calls the price, not trying to claw your eyes out if it seems that you underestimate his relic. As a rule, easy to deal with collectors – these also usually understand in what world we’re in. In persons, whose books were accidentally (on professional language, they affectionately referred to as the population), is a rarity something interesting, but in 99% of cases you will find high expectations – thank you damn TV and Soviet novels, in which any old book is namerenyi billions. As a result, even if you just refuse to buy, they look at you as an enemy, celebrating loudly that you could not buy from them, as they said, on the cheap, noble thing.

And sometimes on the contrary, that the man and had no idea how valuable book brought?

Yes, of course, a few times it happened that people were leaving our acceptance, not believing fallen on them happiness as a significant sum. Especially it often happens, when you buy a futuristic publications. To imagine that the booklet twisted under nazvaniem be worth a hundred thousand rubles, which we paid for it crazed with happiness citizen, really difficult, but we had on it a direct order for that amount, so everyone was happy. And something to fear – the lady on reception, cheap books on the shelves and auctions. It is necessary details on the first two items?

Of course, in the history of the second-hand book trade were ladies decent and even famous, but, in principle, the ideal type of appender – old, or at least middle-aged Jew. Excuse me, I don’t know what happened so, but the fact. Actually a joke, of course, because I personally know three of excellent premsis that many elderly Jews will give a fair odds. Relatively cheap books are quite simple. Shops in principle segregated by level of sold positions. Accordingly, if you are the deliverer, it is always better to start with the most expensive and luxurious, simply because there inspector thinks larger numbers. Especially if you suspect (or know)that the subject that you bring to pass, outstanding.

Unlike, for example, jewelry, antique books will not have a lower cost because they are the typical “unrenewable resource people, over time, their remains less, and new books do not appear.

So, if you wanted to buy old books with the purpose of investing funds – we can only praise your decision.

Also, ancient books extremely popular as gifts. Select the status and unique gift for a business partner or Manager is always difficult.

But that is superior to emphasize respect and high status birthday than antiquarian books, which will be a perfect decoration for the home library. As a gift to the employee great old books in his specialty, which will be not only pleasant but also necessary.

Although, in order to buy antique books need a little to navigate them. If you are not a true bibliophile, then you probably need assistance in choosing.

What are the sources of information about the price of the book? How is it formed, what is?

This is a tricky question. Antiques – the product of the exchange, any price is formed partly by intuition. Objective factors such. First – case-law – information about the sale of the same or similar books lately. Quality second instance. Liquidity themes (relatively speaking, of books on hunting any better books about helminths). The presence of currently existing collectors who this book is obviously interesting. Oh and much more. Sometimes I am ready to pay more, just to book did not get hated rivals (just kidding). Sometimes pay for a unique instance, to show off to them then. In principle there is an old saying;. This is very true. If in doubt it is better to buy, and then to understand. But this is my philosophy, it is not generally accepted, and the glory of God.

What are the fluctuations of the prices of old books?

Price fluctuations on the instances of the same books are highly dependent on many circumstances. For example, for books, occurring regularly, they will be almost entirely dependent on the quality of the instance. So, 86-volume Brockhaus and Efron in perfect condition will always cost 250-300 thousand rubles, but if he has torn roots (the usual trouble), then the price will immediately reduce at least twice. Another thing is true rarity. For example, descriptions of fireworks XVIII century – they were published with the circulation of 50-100 copies and occur every few years. Five years ago a close friend and colleague bought 4 of fireworks is based somewhere 1000 dollars apiece, though many were with amazement is very expensive. Oh, and since then they have no one was caught. We would have bought the answer was, and how much blood. However, I do not know. As such will appreciate? Probably would at 60-80 thousand rubles, though it may well be that in the other shop would not give a tenth of that (small pamphlets, worthless in appearance, but a hypothetical maniac-collector showered would the owner of a Golden rain. Or, say,in the translation of Trediakovskogo. This is the first Russian book of poems, a thing absolutely legendary. The mind, for it need to pay as much as you ask, Yes, and thank humiliated. I honestly don’t even know how much I for it offered, but I have these books in a special way. 300-500 thousand? More? I don’t know, and not the fact that someday I will offer.

So, how to buy old books and, at the same time, not to make a mistake? Fortunately, books forge even less than works of art, so in this sense you are afraid of nothing.

Rather, we should be afraid not of the seller, and myself. Not all true imagine the amount that can cost those or other antiquarian books.

All old books have their own value, which is determined in one aspect – a rarity.

In total, the fewer instances of books can be found on the market, the higher the cost. Year of release, in this case plays a secondary role. He is not the cause but the result. Thus, some old books are expensive not because of the fact that they are issued in 1800, and because of the fact that in 1800 copies were extremely small.

Old books instantly become a rarity, if they are released during his lifetime, and if they have his autograph you found embodied dream bibliophile.

And, last, if you want to buy antique books – is to find a good store. We offer an insight into virtual shop букинистов and familiarize yourself with significant catalogue of rare books.

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