Interesting facts about authors

Russian poets and writers came up with a lot of new words: substance, thermometer (Lomonosov), industry (Karamzin), botch (Saltykov-Shchedrin), to take a (Dostoevsky), incompetent (Nord), tired physically (Khlebnikov).

Interesting facts about the writers.

Pushkin more than 70 epigraphs, Gogol – not less than 20, almost as much Turgenev.

Korney Chukovsky actually called Nikolai Vasilyevich Korneychukov.

Voltaire made fun of the Duke of Rohan for his arrogance. The Duke ordered his servants to beat Voltaire that was done. Voltaire caused the Duke to a duel, but the Duke refused, as Voltaire was not a nobleman.

Starting to work on a new piece, Balzac was locked in the room for one or two months, and firmly closed the shutters, that they did not penetrate the light. He wrote candlelight, dressed in a Bathrobe, 18 hours daily.

Mark TWAIN was born in 1835, when the vicinity of Earth flew Halley’s comet. He predicted that he would die during her next appearance. So, in 1910.

Alexander Dumas participated once in a duel, where participants draw lots, and the loser had to shoot himself. Lot went Dumas, who retired to the next room. A shot rang out, and then Dumas returned to the participants, saying: “I fired, but missed”.

Writer Charles Dickens always slept head to the North. Also he sat face to the North when he wrote his great works.

The French writer guy de Maupassant was one of those who are annoyed by the Eiffel tower. However, every day he dined in its restaurant, explaining that here the only place in Paris where you can’t see the tower.

Beaumarchais after presenting his play “the marriage of Figaro” was arrested and put in prison. Louis XVI, playing cards, wrote the order to arrest the seven of spades.

Jules Verne would spend many hours a day on the scientific literature, writing interesting facts on cards. He composed the files would be the envy and the academic society: there were over 20 thousand cards.

Hans Christian Andersen was angry, when it was called children’s storyteller and said that writes fairy-tales for children and adults. For the same reason, he ordered that his monument where the original author had to surround children, no child.

In 1925 Nobel prize in literature was awarded to Bernard Shaw, who called the event a “sign of gratitude for the relief that he brought to the world, nothing typing in the current year”.

American writer Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) during his life he wrote more than 900 poems, only four of which were published during her lifetime.

In some biographies of Erich Maria Remarque indicated that his real name – Kramer (Remarque Vice versa). This is actually an invention of the Nazis, who, after his emigration from Germany also spread the rumor that Remarque is the descendants of French Jews.

L. N. Tolstoy was betrayed anathema. Once a year in all the churches solemnly proclaimed anathema three persons: Mazepa, Grishka Otrepiev and Tolstoy.

Belarusian poet Adam Mitskevich was also a writer of science fiction. In the novel “History of the future,” he wrote on acoustic instruments with which, sitting by the fireplace, you can listen to concerts of the city, as well as on the mechanisms that allow the inhabitants of the Earth to communicate with the beings who inhabit other planets.

Jules Verne has never been to Russia, but, nevertheless, in Russia (fully or partially) the action unfolds 9 of his novels.

American extravagant writer Timothy Dexter wrote in 1802 a book with a very peculiar language, and no punctuation. In response to perturbations of readers in the second edition of the book he added a special page for punctuation, asking readers to place them in the text to your liking.

The Lord Byron was four domestic goose that everywhere followed him, even at community meetings. Despite being overweight and strong enough clubfoot, Byron was considered one of the most energetic and attractive men of his time.

Alexander Dumas when writing their works used the services of many assistants – the so-called “literary Negroes”. Among them the most known Auguste Mac, who invented the plot of “the Count of Monte Cristo” and made a significant contribution to the “Three Musketeers”.

The author of “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe for satirical article was (1703) sentenced to prison. The day he spent bound to pillory on the square. Passing were obliged him to spit. Defoe was then forty-two years.

The Creator of the famous novel “the gadfly” Ethel Lilian Voynich was a composer and believed his musical work even more significant than literary.

The famous Soviet writer and public figure Konstantin Simonov burred, i.e.’t pronounce the letter “R” and “l”. It happened in my childhood, when he’s playing, accidentally cut my tongue straight razor, and it has become difficult to pronounce his name: Kirill. In 1934 he took the pseudonym Constantine.

The expression “Balzac age” appeared after the release of the novel Balzac “Thirty year old woman and a valid against women not older than 40 years.

Ilf and Petrov very original way avoided thoughts-stamps – they rejected the idea that came to mind both.

One of the most prolific writers of all times and peoples was the Spaniard Lope de VEGA. Besides the “Dog in the manger” he wrote another thousand eight hundred pieces, all – in verses. On any piece he did not work for more than three days. Thus, the work of his well paid, so, Lope de VEGA was almost a multimillionaire that among the writers is extremely rare.

Famous fabulist Aesop was so poor that he sold themselves into slavery to pay off debts. At the time he was thirty years old.

At the “Robinson Crusoe” has continued. It Robinson again is shipwrecked and forced to travel to Europe through Russia. Eight months he waits winter in Tobolsk. In Russia, the novel was not published in 1935.

From American writers most portrayed works of Edgar Allan PoE – 114 times.

Once at the official reception of Khrushchev called the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn Ivan Denisovich.

Chekhov sat down to write, dressed in a dress suit. Kuprin contrary loved to work naked.

Spanish playwright Antonio Silva was burned at the stake on October 19, 1739. On the same day in the theater was his play “the Death of Faeton”.

The writer Ernest Vincent Wright is the novel “Gatsby”, consisting of more than 50 000 words. Throughout the novel there are no letters E (the most common letter in English).

, Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw LEM wrote a collection of short stories “Absolute emptiness”. All the stories are United by the fact that represent the review to non-existent books that he wrote fictional authors.

Brian Aldiss familiar Agatha Christie, once told about its methods – “she was finishing the book until the last Chapter, then selected the most unlikely of the suspects and, returning to the beginning changed some things to substitute him.”

Lewis Carroll loved to talk and be friends with young girls, but was not a pedophile, according to many of his biographers. Often his girlfriend had weighed on his age, or he himself called adult ladies girls. The reason was that the morality of the era in England strongly condemned the communication with the young woman alone, and girls up to 14 years was considered to be asexual, and friendship with them completely innocent.

When the writer Arkady Averchenko during the First world war brought in one of the editions of the story on the theme of war, the censor was removed from his phrase: “the Sky is blue.” It turns out that these words enemy spies could guess that it was in the South.

The real last name of the writer-satirist Grigory Gorin was Ofstein. To the question about the reason of the choice of a pseudonym Gorin replied that it is the abbreviation “Grisha of Epstein decided to change nationality”.

If you read the works of the writer Stephen king, it should be noted that most of the actions of his stories take place in Maine. Paradoxically, in this state are the lowest in the U.S. crime rate.

James Barry created the image of Peter pan – the boy who will never grow up – not just. This character is the devotion of the elder brother of the author, who died the day before he was 14, and will forever remain young in memory of his mother.

Initially, at the grave of Gogol in the monastery cemetery lay a stone, called Golgotha because of the similarity with the Jerusalem mountain. When cemetery decided to destroy, at the reburial elsewhere decided to set on the grave of the bust to Gogol. And the very stone was subsequently put on the grave of Mikhail Bulgakov his wife. In connection with this remarkable phrase Bulgakov which he lives repeatedly addressed Gogol: “Master, hide me in his overcoat”.

After the outbreak of the Second World war, Marina Tsvetaeva was sent to the evacuation in the city of Yelabuga in Tatarstan. Pack my bags, it was helped by Boris Pasternak. He made a rope to tie up the suitcase, and, reassuring in its fortress, joked: “the Rope will endure, even hang”. Later he was told that it Tsvetaeva in Elabuga and hanged himself.

Darya Dontsova, whose father was a Soviet writer Arkady Vasiliev, grew up surrounded by the creative intelligentsia. One day at school, she was asked to write a composition on the theme: “what I was thinking Valentin Petrovich Katayev, when he wrote the novel “White sail gleams”?”, and Dontsova asked me to help her the most Kataeva. The result Daria got a deuce, and the teacher of literature wrote in a notebook: “Kataev not thought about it!”.

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