How to learn to write books

Six months ago there was published the article which I was outraged. In the comments I promised I would write his version. On the other hand I didn’t want to do that, it would logical questions: “do you actually who is this?”. I don’t like to subscribe in Internet posts, I have spoiled the view of many writers after reading their blog. Read the book, thinking, “Cool dude!”, read the blog post, an opinion is changing, “What an asshole?”. This difference arises from the fact that the book is one of post-processing, edited many times.

This article was reprinted several times, in this version, I think that it turned out to be the most balanced. The article is quite suitable for habrahabr, as from the people of the technical direction was many famous works. And some of you will want to write my story.

The article is rather a collection of useful tips, than the complete guide to action.

Two types of readers

You wrote a short story and want to show it to the public. It is very important to know about the two types of readers. (These types lot, but relatively speaking – two). Reading their comments, you should understand what type you hit.

The first type

Important the moral of the story. What did the author want to say? What he is? This type of readers draws attention to the style, which sometimes they are more important than history itself.

The second type

If history is interesting, they can forgive style. I remember one of the cult author. Stylistics terrible, difficult to read, many fans, shot a couple of movies on its books. The moral of the story they are not really needed, the main character won the bad guy, that’s enough. Most importantly, how did he do it?

Where to start?

You should start with short stories. They discipline, learn to write a complete history. Heal gratamente.

The story can be started from the middle of events, explaining to the reader the details of what is happening.

And what is grupamento?

Writing aimless history without a logical outcome. I came across a story from beginning writer, in his half-page description was like flies fly around the room, then he poured some coffee as preparing food, went outside, looked at the nature, described his feelings. So he wrote, with 10 pages. Sometimes these scribblers have a talent beautiful style. On the buy it the first type of readers. Description of feelings, take to heart, they think that they have done something related, Recalling its the tragedies. But as we see, the story was not described, it has no ties, no interchange. My personal opinion is chewing gum. He chewed and spat out. I’d rather chew.

What you write?

Two types of writers.

Some people write for the glory. I think that right now their story will buy publishers and will be a lot of money and fame. Most often write graphoman history. The motivation is strong, but there is no soundness in the plot. Such scribblers flooded publishing their “works”, leaving no chance, for those who can really write. In the publishing houses and sometimes not even read the text submitted, feed you Breakfast.

The second type of writers live with stories in my head. They have some of the brain is very imaginative, thinks, lives its own life. These writers are also observed a bright unusual dreams, they cannot be associated with the events they experienced in the course of the day. In these dreams they can get into the unusual worlds to escape on the underground from the terrible monsters. But unlike other people, in this dream they will find the explanation, where did these creatures will see the logical outcome of escape. Usually if people have nightmares, they are not detailed, senseless and caused the alarming state, they dream about how they run away from the hordes of rats. Writer same dream how he runs away from the orcs, applies against them some spells, is the story, where you have to run to some areas and to turn some leverage.

In General, if you ask a question about sleeping with his friends, many amazing able to discover. It turns out that there are people who dream only black-and-white dreams, where there are the outlines of something incomprehensible. If you tell such its colorful dream or a story you made up for the book, you will look like a madman. Will recommend to be treated. That I have you as a friend warn 🙂

You can ask them:

– And how writers write fiction?

For money, take and write – they are responsible.

In response, they also you can ask: “what are you writing? You already publisher no.

So be careful, these friends, in fact, very much. Can kill all your creative impulse. From these you can hear: “you can write books, if you haven’t studied writer?”.

By the way, Stephen king on the writer studied, but it is a University lecturer said Stephen already know how to write even before entering. And in the classroom knew theory better than the rest, his essays were real works.

This familiar always need some kind of purpose: “But why are you reading a research paper? You’re not a scientist”. For them we have to come up with a dumb excuse, and they fully accept them. Sometimes, the most stupid excuse accepted by them as the best explanation.


There is a misconception that story needs a unique history. Take any book from great classics and try to analyze the uniqueness of the story. Anna Karenina, meeting with the train, while the train was with the latest technology. This was a marketing ploy. The whole novel describes how a woman came to such a life. With the same success you can change the train on a supercomputer and write a novel, the main character decided to commit suicide after communicating with the first rudiment of artificial intelligence. The reader is important narrative, which must be not trivial, interesting.

The uniqueness can be simulated. Add a little-known historical facts. Description of things that are already out of use. For example, how did your cd, as he murmured, as shimmered disk colors of the rainbow. In 30 years it will be interesting to read, and after a 100 will already to refer to your book as a historical fact. For example, one teen will argue with others, noisy whether seduce or worked silently?

Another word about the uniqueness

If you still think you need uniqueness, it is enough to write a book on modern history. A simple description of the daily news events, without any conclusions and inferences. Pure facts with links. Five years of this writing – it will already be considered a textbook on modern history, which will recommend to study. But if they draw conclusions and inferences, they may seem controversial, and it is because of them the book will not recommend.


The reader wants to be deceived. This is an interesting story. First you acquaint the reader with the plan of action, the reader himself agrees: “Well, it is logical”, and then break the whole plan, put the main character (hereinafter,) almost hopeless situation and the reader intrigued, how biennium will get?

The narrative should not be trivial. For example, your gg is going to Rob a Bank, you first dream together with the reader, that you can buy on the loot. Then, is to Rob, but in the Bank is that? You can write that he was waiting for the police, but this is trivial, the reader is guessed that the Bank will not Rob. So, move the events on the night, and instead of protection is the other robbers, who joined the Bank from the other side. Somewhere in the middle of the Bank they meet and are trying to divide has not yet opened the safe. The situation looks not banal and the reader wondering what all this will end.

Your main character must not be a fool, because the reader subconsciously identify themselves with him. Boobs and cretins should be around. In the history with the Bank, it is competing robbers. For example, the negotiations were successful and safe reveal together. After opening, it turns out that one of the mountain-robbers have strange form Filii when he sees right size hole, he tries to push back intimate part of the body. And now he’s caught, there is spicy and unexpected situation, with many jokes. Leave it cannot, he saw the faces of all. And kill him not. Why? Because it turns out that the contention robbers are brothers. Here it is possible to connect their mother, who directs the operation, she is somewhere outside of the Bank and on the radio tells them off, along the way, remembering something personal. You wonder how, your will get? The most logical, so he just took its share and left. But something has to stop him. All should not go according to plan.

Stretchable book

Rode the Greek across the river, sees the Greek in the river cancer. This patter can stretch to 10 pages.

Described Grecu

Described by the river

Described cancer

Described the road on which drove the Greek

The Greek had not one, add dialogs.

This should be completed in the end, when history is already written. Can write a whole story in the form of dialogues, and the end is already starting to dilute descriptions.

However, it is necessary to be extremely cautious. If you have all 10 pages the main characters are riding in a wagon and what a chat, then you will lose the reader, it will become boring. It is desirable that each page was a change of events.


Some writers make a huge mistake, which disappears in their later works. The error is that their characters always something to eat. The task is to keep the reader before you book to read it greedily. Someone is trying, so even lose weight in order to forget about food. If you’re talking about food, the reader remembers how he’s hungry, throws the book, go eat. The question is, does he come back? This also applies to any stool, not the best way to stretch the book.


Robert Heinlein there is a moment where an underage girl offers to his master as payment for the shelter to take her innocence. The main character is outraged by this proposal, and drives it. Should threatening tirade that he is not her master, and she is a free man and so on.

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How to learn to write books
Six months ago there was published the article which I was outraged. In the comments I promised I would write his version. On the other hand I didn't want to…