Collecting old books and manuscripts

Now collecting ancient manuscripts and books is experiencing a revival. This type of collecting is one of the most expensive kinds of antique collectors, which testifies to the wealth of the owner.

Despite the fact that trading in old books was common in the middle ages, but the beginning of a professional collectibles antiquarian book is considered to be the middle of the seventeenth century, when Germany began its activities in a large book fair, which was exhibited antique rare books. As for Russia, it is the first known collector of books is the Imperial family Ferapontov.

It should be noted that to the book are collecting and sheet edition. These are different kinds of calendars, posters, menus, posters and the like, here it is possible to include Special Map of European Russia. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century in Russia is gaining great popularity prints, executed in the style of etching. The peculiarity of these reproductions is distinct from the primary material used in the manufacture of creativity, make corrections in the primary material. This factor provides these things a certain historical value. Since the late nineteenth century is very common become illustrative cards, also be the subject of collecting. In that time they have become very popular and, respectively, were produced in large quantities. Rates on these cards were not very large. Continue reading

Interesting facts about authors

Russian poets and writers came up with a lot of new words: substance, thermometer (Lomonosov), industry (Karamzin), botch (Saltykov-Shchedrin), to take a (Dostoevsky), incompetent (Nord), tired physically (Khlebnikov).

Interesting facts about the writers.

Pushkin more than 70 epigraphs, Gogol – not less than 20, almost as much Turgenev.

Korney Chukovsky actually called Nikolai Vasilyevich Korneychukov.

Voltaire made fun of the Duke of Rohan for his arrogance. The Duke ordered his servants to beat Voltaire that was done. Voltaire caused the Duke to a duel, but the Duke refused, as Voltaire was not a nobleman.

Starting to work on a new piece, Balzac was locked in the room for one or two months, and firmly closed the shutters, that they did not penetrate the light. He wrote candlelight, dressed in a Bathrobe, 18 hours daily.

Mark TWAIN was born in 1835, when the vicinity of Earth flew Halley’s comet. He predicted that he would die during her next appearance. So, in 1910. Continue reading

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